Andrea Hale is the animator, drummer, and world traveler at the helm of Butter for Film.


I specialize in creating dynamic animations that help clients tell their story. Whether you need an explainer video, motion graphics for web/video, or full character animation for a film or game project, I can work with you and your budget to create compelling visuals.


I have been animating since I was eight years old, when I first lugged my parents’ ancient thirty-pound camcorder onto a tripod and forced my Lego people to dance across the kitchen table. In spite of the low-tech results, I was thrilled, and have been chasing that thrill ever since.


I’m in Seattle, but you don’t have to be. Although it can be nice to meet over coffee, I can remotely work around your schedule. Previously, I have lived in San Francisco, New York, Japan, and have traveled to a growing list of more than twenty countries.

Let's Talk

Email me at [email protected], or you can see my resume (.pdf format)